Can you hear us now?

leave itDoing nothing is not an option! Wake up Patriots!

As I drink my morning coffee and watch the news, it becomes clear that we patriots are responsible for the mess we are in.

Statues are torn down , history is being erased, nationalism, and patriotism are now code words for bigotry , murals of slain cops are reminders of white privileges and hate crimes , the flag is just a piece of cloth, the pledge of allegiance is gruesome and the addition of “under God” is offensive and a “pompous battle number” . I could go on and on!

What part of the word FREEDOM have we lost in the shuffle?

The snowflakes are free to feel whatever they choose to feel, pray or not, be wacky or not BUT. They don’t have the right to turn the country upside down and take away our freedom of all of the above!

Let me say it again, they simply do not have the right, we gave it to them. We simply bend over and let them kick us right in the ass. When their rights interfere with our rights we should’ve had the balls to stand up and say no no no no you’re rights do not supersede our rights, case closed! We have become a wimpy society of just allowing anybody to just run roughshod over us and we haven’t done squat, it’s our own fault, when will we learn to stand up and say no to these bullies?

They have us walking on eggs while they ransack the country and convince our youth that our country, our nationalism, our pledge and our flag are disgusting and we should be ashamed of it.

We should be ashamed but not for our past or our love of country . We should be ashamed for buckling to these fools. Please I beg you again, one more time – I beg you stand up. Doing nothing is not an option! Let them assimilate or leave!

The clarion call was heard all over the world on November 8th- Deplorable Patriots won! Will you be silenced now?

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