Early Slave Labor  I urge you to read The ugly truth about An evil of civilization 

It is clearly a fault of the human condition, it is not only the ugly thing white Americans did to black africans, NO it is what powerful men did to all of our ancestors because they were powerful enough to do so!

I ask you to read this and realize that we were all once slaves and we can’t change that history or tear down all that was build by our slave ancestors nor can we expect reparations, or carry a grudge! Coming up and out of slavery is part of the character and backbone a free person uses to move ahead, to learn from and to never repeat the same mistakes.

There is no one alive to forgive nor anyone alive to repay any living soul for the blood, sweat and tears of all our ancestors. I am proud to be FREE and I will fight to the death to keep America The land of the Free and the home of the Brave.

Free and Brave citizens  don’t hate one another for something done to an ancestor in the past. We are the highest form of life and bear the lowest form of anger, resentment and ugliness.

African Americans should be proud to be Americans – where slavery has been abolished – not so around the world!


Read Timeline: http://www.historyworld.net/timesearch/default.asp?keywords=Slavery&viewtext=extended&conid=timeline&event_number=20&gtrack=pthc


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Come meet Bettyjean who is never shy and never at a loss for words. Her passion is never in low gear and she is sure to wear you out just trying to keep up with her as she flits from story to story and issue to issue faster than your can possibly follow her train of thought. A hard hitting- plain talking- shoot from the hip kinda gal with a no holds barred style that shocks but never bores ya.
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  1. genevaconference says:

    will try posting this again…..We can’t hold on to the past. It’s wrong. When we do, we hurt ourselves and those around us. Most of us have had ancestors who were slaves or were slaveholders. We can’t divide the world like that. It was the way of the world back them and you can’t call them evil. Most of my ancestors were Acadians. They came to North America , lived in peace with the natives, but England came along and demanded allegiance or were dispersed throughout the world, families torn apart, never to see one another again. No, that isn’t slavery. but, to those involved, that was no less painful that what many others have gone through. I don’t hold any grudges against the British. I don’t demand they give us the land back. That would be silly. They haven’t apologized and I certainly hope they don’t because no one living there now was alive back then. And no one did me anything, so I have nothing to complain about. The injured parties are long gone and so are the perpetrators. Of course, when things like this happen , it changes the direction of the lives of the descendants. But I believe all things work for good, like the Bible says. It’s all in our attitude.


  2. FreeMeNow says:

    I believe only weak, people who thrive on being victims behave like this! I have ancestors who were slaves and on the other side who were all but wiped out, I even have Jewish ancestors. By golly women have been used since the beginning of time and there are no or very few pure breeds so we are all from some form of slavery or victimization.
    I have been victimized but a person of character- gets beyond it or festers in the filth of it and drowns in the it. What a waste of effort ! Why blame those of us who had nothing to do with it for you chip and forget we too have been victimized , we just chose to move on!
    Finally, those of us with the moral fortitude and character of patriots must stand united and fight this scourge of vengeance against the righteous. Indeed we have committed no crime here! The villains are those who indict and convict all who refuse to cow tow to their way of thinking.
    Be part of the united – until we are sure we are the Majority United- Deplorable to the despicable Patriots all!


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